Simple way to use Nth() in a concatenate() formula

I’m new to Coda but loving it so far.
I run a construction company and use Coda and Airtable to organise my work flow.
I have a table with info about window quotes. size, type, room location etc.
Its in a table which I use to display the info to clients.
I use a concatenate formula to gather all the data into one place and present it as a list. Using the new column functionality I’ll add an image of the proposed window alongside the info. an example below:

Concatenate(“Window: 3”,Character(10),
"Location: ",[Window Schedule].Location.Nth(3),Character(10),
"Floor: ",[Window Schedule].Floor.Nth(3),Character(10),
"Style: ",[Window Schedule].Style.Nth(3),Character(10),
"Opening: ",[Window Schedule].Opening.Nth(3),Character(10),
"Manufacture width: ",[Window Schedule].[Manu width].Nth(3),Character(10),
"Manufacture height: ",[Window Schedule].[Manu Height].Nth(3),Character(10),
"Safety glass: ",[Window Schedule].[Safety glass].Nth(3),Character(10),
"Obscure glass: ",[Window Schedule].[Obscure glass].Nth(3),Character(10),
"Fire escape: ",[Window Schedule].[Fire escape].Nth(3),Character(10),
"Trickle vent: ",[Window Schedule].[Trickle vent].Nth(3),Character(10),
"Notes: ",[Window Schedule].Notes.Nth(3))

Can I add something to the start of the formula so that I don’t have to manually change each formula to the correct window number?

In this instance Window 3, which is row three of the table

Thanks in advance

Dear @Richard_Shears, welcome to the Coda community.

Have you considered to use the RowID()

When you use that you will be able to assure that each row is unique, even if you have a customer with two exactly the same windows.

HI Jean Pierre,
Thanks for replying.
The row number will always be the same, so row 1 will be first in the list of windows.
If I have 20 windows to display, I don’t want to have to write 20 separate concatenate formulas, one for each row. Ideally I’d be able to add something into the beginning of the concatenate formula that will tell each Nth() which row it is.
I guess something like a variable in javascript code (not that I know much JS).

where rowId=1 Nth()=Nth(1).

(Don’t pick on my coding skills please :grimacing:)

The other way of solving my problem would be to have the ability to put full size images into tables, and not have them display as thumbnails. Ultimately the doc will be sent out as a PDF to clients, and the images from tables show up too small.

Can you share the link to the doc?

I’m not entirely sure how to do that.
I’m very new to Coda, and the doc is a work in progress too.

I’ll try this

Hey Richard!
Take a look here → Video Explanation

And heres the link to my example document with some potential solutions:


Wow, thats brilliant. Thank you.
Really clear explanation, even a novice like should be able to get it!
I’ll let you know how I get on.

Nice job @Scott_Collier-Weir

The short video is a💎

Thanks sharing a sample doc @Richard_Shears , it shows once more, how important it is to have bigger chances to get the direction we all sometimes need.

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very well done @Scott_Collier-Weir
this templating logic is practical in many ways, thanks for sharing.


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