CrossDoc AddRow not preserving formatting of canvas column

When I take notes in a canvas column that are formatted in one doc/table and use the CrossDoc AddRow function to essentially move these notes over to another doc/table that is also a canvas column, the text moves fine, but all the formatting is stripped out and each row has an extra line break making the notes twice as lengthy and quite ugly.

Is there a way to preserve the formatting of a canvas column when adding a row via CrossDoc?


I have a Books doc where I keep my list of books to read. I take notes in a canvascolumn and format those notes.

I decided I would prefer to keep these notes with all my other notes. If I want to look up something and cannot remember if it was in a book, video, meeting, etc., having all my notes in one place makes more sense.

This answer should help you:


@Paul_Danyliuk I figured a WebHook would work. I just haven’t had the time yet to learn about how those work. Is there any trick that will work with still using the CrossDoc Add?

@Paul_Danyliuk I finally took the time to figure out how to use the WebHook. WOW! Worked great. Was a little confusing at first to set it up but a few good articles in the Coda Community and I figured out what I was doing wrong! Thank you and everyone else who takes their time to post here. LOVE this community.


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