Parsing/Cleaning up imported Gmail emails

I got emails being pulled into my table via the Gmail Pack. Do you have any pointers in how to clean up the text? The info I have has 8 reliable fields in the original data. Right now it’s being imported into the cell as one big blob. Since I have 8 consistent fields, perhaps I can break the content up into columns based upon that?

Hey there! It’s a little difficult to respond to questions like this without more context, screenshots, or an example doc.

There are SO many possibilities with Coda so it’s hard to specify how to help with the little amount of context.

Shoot some more information in this thread and I’d be happy to help!

I can’t get a screenshot right now but what the data looks like in the original is like:

Name: Sarah
Age: 32

What I get with the Gmail Pack:

If the person has a two word name, it’ll honor the space there:


Here you go!

Its kind of silly, and there might be a more elegant way to do it with just regexextract() but its working nonetheless!