How does one extract names and emails from Gmail Pack columns?

I would like to make a contact out of messages sync’d into coda through the gmail pack. Here’s the dilemma:

When the gmail pack populates the “from” column in coda it comes through like this:
{“Name”:“John Doe",“Email”:"”}

How can I extract the different bits of information into new columns from that single line? I’d like to populate his “Name” [John Doe] in it’s own column and his “Email” [] in it’s own column.

Any formula for doing this with various names and emails?

Dear @P_C,

Would you mind to share this in a doc, because I am rather confused as in my test doc it shows the right names.

Maybe it’s a good idea to try again and to use the given module in the Gmail pack to avoid having mistaken formulas :thinking:

The issue is that the email addresses are constructed in a way the sender has given. Sometimes you don’t get a name at all. Imagine:, and like in your sample you can have,

I am rather sure that this post :point_down: will be the way to go, but as usual, some more details of your use case will give a better chance to come with a solution

Hi Jean,

In your screenshot, if you hover over the names it will provide my dilemma. I am using the default gmail pack column but when I have a formula try to extract the names or emails as shown they will instead come through as a string.

So if you hover over “Elena Todorova” you’ll get a string similar to {“Name”:“John Doe",“Email”:"”} which is the actual data. Do you know of a formula that will extract the email address from that?

The end goal is I’m trying to create a way to easily create contacts in coda, with a name and email. Anyway to do that is fine by me! :grin:

Dear @P_C,

Credits for @Daniel_Stieber for the golden tip :point_down:


I made the mistake NOT to add “thisRow” and obviously then it doesn’t work :bangbang: