A weekly digest email


I appreciate all the wonderful tools you are providing. I love CODA. I refer it to people all over the place and tons are using it. But I have had 10 emails from you guys just today.

A weekly email update is good.

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Hi @Lynda_Reilly,

If you click on your avatar, then your name, then choose “Preferences”. You will see a menu on the left and can choose “Categories” where you can remove “News from Coda” so you won’t get these updates.

Sorry it was in inconvenience.


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I don’t want to not receive them it just seems this week, there have been a ton of them every day.

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I would assume that most of advanced users rather prefer an email thread per announcement.

This last days has been a lot of good news

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It does feel more structured but it slows me down because I need to click through menus instead of a simple drop down. I fear coda is going in a over optimization path that could lead it away from simplicity.