Gmail Pack Messages Not Syncing Conversations


We’re brand new to Coda, and so far it’s very impressive. However, we’ve installed the Gmail pack, and while it’s so close to working the way we want it, it’s not quite there.

We have all our emails labelled depending on a job docket number (e.g. 2020-014).

When we use the Gmail Thread Table, we can sync all emails with specific labels/docket numbers. It will display all titles (and send/received address and dates) of those emails. It will not display the content of the email message.

When we use the Gmail Message Table and we sync all emails with a specific label/docket number, it will only bring in the first email of the Gmail ‘conversation’. Because of the way Gmail ‘Conversation View’ works, only the first label actually has this label, and all subsequent emails in the ‘conversation’ do not.

Back in the Thread Table, many of our messages our greyed out and when clicked on, say “Row not found. [message title] is not synced in the Messages table”. The Thread table is basically bringing in everything we want, except the actual email message.

Is there a way to get all messages that were in a labelled conversation in Gmail? The only fix I can think of is to disable Conversation view and manually label all the unlabeled messages in Gmail, but a) this is time consuming and b) disabling conversation view makes Gmail appear cluttered.

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Hi @anon87252499, great question! I think the trick is to have the Thread table set up first, and then when you hover over the grayed out “message” rows you’ll see an option to create a Pack table from that message. Once you click that button it will create the Messages table which will reference the Thread table. From there, you should be able to filter the Messages table with the proper docket/label you want (and all individual messages within that thread will show up).

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Thanks for your reply @Al_Chen_Coda.

Unfortunately, this still doesn’t quite work for me. When I click the button to crete the Messages table, by default it brings in all emails from a Gmail account. This brings in thousands of unnecessary emails. I only want to bring in the emails that are references in the Thread table.

I see. You can still filter the Messages table by the label you’ve applied to the Threads table right?