How to display tables in the rows of other tables?

Good day,

I’m on the cusp of a major goal for my little lead management system I’ve build on Coda. It has been a long time DREAM to be able to read recent emails from a given custom on the fly, but I need a little help.

My goal is to use gmail packs to sync emails to a table in coda where I can manipulate the columns, then display that gmail table in the rows of my Sales table.

Now, I got close. Using the lookup field and can link to my gmail table, enable “allow multiple selections” and then flip the switch “Display as Table”, however my filters don’t work (filter is simply []=[]) so it just displays the table blank. In fact, it will display the table blank no matter what filer I use.

What am I doing wrong that I cannot display the table in this way?

The only way I can get it to work is if don’t enable the “Display as table” switch until after I’ve made selections in the regular radio / lookup column. But I need this just to display as a table automatically without having to be selected. Am I missing something? Is this a limitation with Coda?

Are you able to share a stripped-down version of the doc showing this issue?

Yes, try this: Test DOC

Updated the doc. Key changes:

  • Added formula in Cards table that pulls in all emails from the emails table, filtered only to those which match the contact email address
  • In the expanded row view for a card, turned on Table view for the emails

Let me know if this makes sense!

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I’ll try to implement this on my live doc. Thanks so much. Exciting!!!