Filtering Email (GMail Pack) View Within Table Record

Hi folks! New to coda and loving it so far, but been stuck trying to think through the same challenge for hours now…

Tl;dr - looking to make email view within table record filter dynamically by the email listed as a property of that record.

I’m trying to build a CRM-esque internal tool - the important feature of this being that I have a table with contacts (first name, last name, email) and, ideally, I’d like it to be the case that when I open a contacts record on the table, I am able to see all messages/emails to or from that specific contact. That said, I’m having lots of trouble doing this in a dynamic way where the “from” and “to” filters just pull from the contact email to auto-filter (as opposed to manually typing in the raw text email filter on within each new contact).

Any ideas? Would appreciate any help/ideas!

Hi @Neil_Bhammar

Not 100% sure of what you want to do, but here is a suggestion, if that may give you any idea maybe … ?

I created my table from gmail pack with all my emails.

I also added columns MailAdressFrom and MailAdressTo, in lower case to make filter easier.


I’ve created a new table, where the Name Column is a select list from all mail adresses (From or To), so that you can select any people related to your inbox/sentbox. Of course, you should use your google contact database, and make a selectlist/lookup to this database. But be sure you can refer to the good adress mail in your inbox/send box for each people

Anyway, then, just get data from messages From/To using a formula like this

When you open your row (setting lookup view as Table) you will see all the mail sent to/received from this mail adress

May be it can give you some ideas…?!?



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