Dropdown dependency selection

Hi i am looking for a smart way to implement a dependency selection which will compare a selection with a table columns name and print values to a dropdown…

I created a demo here:

Hope you have some tipps for me.

Hi @Stefan and welcome in the community :slight_smile:

For what i know there are no way to do formulas that deals with columns name, so you cannot check those…

I would solve your problem using formulas that take data directly from your table into the select list of dropdowns, remember that you can get those using a filter (ex. table.filter(category=chosencategory)) and then extract data from the filtered row adding .columnname (ex. subcategory available)

But this require a change in your schema because all option should be in one table, something like

Category // Subcategory
Cat.a. // SCA1,SCA2
Cat.b // SCB1,SCB2,SCB3

Actually to be honest the “Subcategory” column could be a lookup to another table but it’s not mandatory

If you need any other help i’m here :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback. I changed the CategorySelection table as you mentioned (if i understand it in the right way). I separated the values with split but how can i select only the values from CategoryA and not from CategoryB? Is there any select first row or first column argument?

And i still got the issue to get the values from CategoryA table in the Result Column … how is the connection from CategoryA table to the Plan table?

Info: You can feel free for editing or adding notes in the coda example.

The Result formula Plan.Filter(thisRow.CategoryA=CategoryA)
The CategoryA formula Split(CategorySelection.Subcategory,",")

Update: I restarted everything from scratch for a better understanding. This feedback was helpfully but not the greatest coda way. Anyway thank you @Mario for the input :slight_smile:

Hey @Stefan sorry for the late reply, i get the notifications only when you tagged me :frowning:
Are you comfortable with your solution or you want to see together the other proposal?
In case, i think that split is not the best formula to use and columns of referenced rows can be “extracted” using thatrow.columnwanted, maybe referencing from another row from the same table you are using!
It’s a setup that i use heavily so i think that is well supported and it works in most cases, but the most important thing at the end of the day is to feel well the tools in your hand, so if you find better or more suited to your usage ones, those are the one to use :slight_smile: