Interactive filter for date column (empty)


I created an interactive filter for a date column, and it works perfectly.
only of I select everything in de interactive filter, I don’t see the rows where the date is empty.
so I can’t see these lines anymore…

Is there a solution to see these rows again?

Thank you

Hi there @Pieter_Lesage :blush: !

A workaround to this problem would be to create a (Multi)Select control (where the Selectable items are the dates from your table) and use this (Multi)Select control as an interactive filter with a formula looking like this :


@Pch thank you for the reply

Your solution isn’t ideal, since I like the date range option you get with the interactive filter for dates.
My table has +300 entries so selecting specific dates is cumbersome.

Edit : You could create a view of your table and filter that view by Blank dates :innocent:

or …

As I didn’t know you used dates ranges, another solution would be to still use your interactive filter OR a multi-select control which can give you the rows where the dates are Blank :blush: .

This might still not be ideal, but it’s just an idea to play around with :blush: .

Thanks for all the suggestions.

Finally i made a subpage with a filtered view of all blank dates
more as a quality control, so people know that these has to be filled in

ideally if you select everything, then coda would include also the blanks