Date interactive filter "Everything" option filters out blanks

Hi Coda team,

Before anything else, I’d like to reaffirm that I love Coda and I use it for everything. I cannot recommend it more to my peers, businesses I work with and friends. :hugs:

The “Everything” option in the dates interactive filter, filters out blanks. :cry:

If this is the intended behaviour, “Everything” should have a different name so that it’s more clear to us.

I’d like to request that you also allowed us to see really everything - rows with dates and without dates. Adding a “blanks” option would be enough if solving this is complex.

Having an interactive filter that allows us to access rows that have dates and that are blanks right on top of each database removes steps from our workflows and allows less tech savvy people to use coda without having to go to the options panel.

This is not exactly a nice-to-have if we consider that one of the most common behaviours when creating an action item is not to add any dates right away - in particular project templates. So, not being able to see all rows “with and without dates” is counterintuitive and can easily lead to human error situations where we’ll miss those rows.

You are all absolutely wonderful and super helpful, but before you suggest workarounds so that we can still benefit from the filter right away, in this case specifically I am not looking for workarounds - I am trying to decrease complexity or noise in the docs and I don’t want to add more elements and/or extra tasks in my workflows.

I made the decision not to use this feature until it has these options, and the reason is - I’m creating Coda docs for my team who is starting to learn to use Coda and for the marketplace. I don’t want to create negative experiences with the docs. Even if I put warnings on how the interactive date filter works, it can be deleted and people don’t have enough knowledge to understand what’s happening nor how they could fix it.

I noticed that at least another user, @Pieter_Lesage, noted this in January 2021.

I understand you have many parts moving and this might be more complicated to implement than I can imagine, it is absolutely not a priority, but it made me wonder why almost 2 years have passed and this is not improved.

One hypothesis is that not many people requested it, so it would only be natural that it was not a priority. Because of this, I am adding this post here to support other users requests. If there are other users who want this fixed, please support this post. It can be that this is only important for a few of us, and in that case, I will not bug you with this anymore! :sweat_smile:

Thank you! :orange_heart:


Everything should mean everything.

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still agree
one hack I use is to autofill with a specific date in the past (or future).

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