Filtering Table With 7+ Interactive Controls & Filtering Dates Without Ranges

Hello! In the past the coda community has been helpful, and I’m struggling somewhat with this. Essentially, we have a source of truth with all of our client’s demographic information, as well as the dates that they completed specific services. We occasionally need to pull this data to report on. However, different stakeholders need to see different information.

Ideally, we would be able to have a view of our source table with a set of interactive controls above. I’d love to have a set of filters that allow us to:

  • Select the client’s status (active, inactive, loa, etc)
  • Select the date range in which they were active
  • Filter clients with specific demographic qualities (ex-- is a parent)
  • Filter clients based on the services they received

We are currently collecting all the data needed to filter the table in this way. However, I’m encountering some hurdles when attempting to filter appropriately. For example, clients filter in and out of our program, so our table has six columns: Entrance Date 1, Exit Date 1, Entrance Date 2, Exit Date 2, etc. Is there a way to use an interactive filter to scan any of these columns for a specific date range? EX Entrance Date 1 OR Entrance Date 2?

If not, I can certainly create specific pages for individuals active within a particular year. However, there are other issues. For example, although we collect the dates particular services were completed, the date is irrelevant to me in this context. I simply want to filter to see whether the client received that service. However, a date column will only allow you to filter based on a particular date range. Is it possible to have interactive filters that simply scan for .isNotBlank?

Hopefully I am explaining this well-- please let me know if clarification is needed. It is pretty important that we are able to have controls rather than individual views filtered as needed. Any thoughts on how to actualize this would be helpful. I know I should have a dummy doc, but I haven’t had time to throw one together yet.

Thank you!

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