🎛 Launched: Easy Interactive Filtering using Controls

We recently launched a new way to Filter your data without formulas & then did the same for Conditional Formatting.

We’ve now brought the same experience to interactive filtering.

You can now right click on any column to create a control & filter by that column with one click. You can even map a view to an existing control using this method. And this entire experience is also available in the Filter menu.

Once you create these controls, anyone on your team can easily start filtering the data. And it works on mobile too!

Give it a try in your doc.


That’s very nice! A wonderful interaction for scales and slides.
Way to go Codans.

One thing I don’t see - how can I make an interactive filter for ‘contains’? Basically a little interactive search box for a column. Thanks!


Bless you LOL What does this do to a document that has been filtered by formulas ? Do I need to redo?

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Great job for constantly implementing new features. I would like to use this opportunity to direct your attention at another possible implementation, which is highly awaited from community:




It’s in our backlog of new features. :slight_smile:

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It should convert the raw formula to one that uses the new look and feel if you used control values in the formula. Go to the filter builder. The conversion success depends on what formula you used to filter with initially.

You should be able to select only the SKUs you want to match on as this is a multi-select control.

Hey @Lynda_Reilly, as Matthew said, if you have a filter mapped to an existing control using formulas, they should now have the new UX.

To add on to that, if you’ve created a non-interactive filter and you want to convert it to an interactive one, you can do it as follows. However, you’ll need to do this manually and it won’t preserve the values you have already selected.

Hey @cblock adding a “text input” control that would allow you to search on a text column in a table is definitely on our list. However, since that doesn’t exist yet, the current experience will just give you a dropdown to select values, as Matthew said.

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Another suggestion is to automatically create a filter by dragging a column onto the canvas area. A filter section can be created on the canvas where if one drags a column on to it, it automatically creates a filter

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Great timing! I’ve been trying, rather unsuccessfully, to include my current list of projects to my time and status filter to focus on just one (or a few).

Now with this feature, I can easily filter on both projects and other criteria to focus on just what I need to see right now. :+1:

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Very nice new feature!

Very friendly!

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Thanks for the note. Yes, I saw that.

In this case, please consider this a feature request or further implementation suggestion. Cheers!


edit: disregard the FR above, I just read Angad’s further post.

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Great idea! We totally considered that, but decided to take on drag & drop interactions more holistically in the future.

Awesome, glad you’re finding it useful in your doc!

Neat ! :grin:

I was just looking for a way to kind of “search through” or “filter” the books of my reading tracker :grin: and I think this could just be the perfect add-on :wink: .
I’m gonna play around with it and see :grin: .

Thanks ! :grin:

hey, thanks. Your videos are too fast for my old eyes lol what is the purpose of using the interactive or what would be an example of when you would use it?


Here’s an example:

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Thanks Eric!

@Lynda_Reilly, interactive filters create a visible control above the table. when you change the value of the controls, the values in the table update. this is useful for if you want to explore your data or change the filter often or on mobile.

Here’s another GIF:

This was much needed thank you! :pray:

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