๐ŸŽ› Launched: Easy Interactive Filtering using Controls

I am just curious. I am still very new to all of this and am working with someone at work using coda.
I want to know if, for example, you create a filter of a table with over 1000 rows in it with 3 different parameters, size, color, shape, etc., would these interactive filters be able to be used to filter such a large table quicker than just a single formatted column? And not slow it down, so to speak?

Dear @Scott_Kauer,

It should not be a problem at all.
The important thing to take care about is the conditions between the filters, I mean:

The combinations of โ€œandโ€ , โ€œorโ€ could cause a conflict as in this sample

Size: โ€œXSโ€ is zero pieces accordingly color and shape will also be zero when you filter only size โ€œXSโ€.

Just follow your business logic, that you know the best

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I used size, color, and shape as an example. We are not using that but thanks.

Interactive Filter, with multi-select enabled, is pretty useless if you have a field with more than a dozen items or so. (as it displays them all, and you must manually select, as you show)
However, you could at least use an interactive filter as a search box for a single item.

  1. Create a new view and name it something like: โ€œsingle sku search.โ€
  2. Create an interactive filter - but disable โ€œmulti-select.โ€
    This will give you a view of your table where you can search for a single item withe your interactive filter.
    If you want to search for and select multiple items - run from interactive filter - run!

Hi there! Love this feature. Would it be possible to enable interactive controls on chart views, as with tables? Iโ€™m new to Coda so apologies if this is already possible.

Hi there @TSStrickand1 and Welcome to the Community :tada: (and Coda :grin: :tada: )

It is already doable :wink:!
Here is a very very very quick example :blush:

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