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I have a table that lists people’s attendance by month and by class.

The table is filtered by Class

I have a filter control on the month, so i can select a month to see the people who were in the table-filtered class.

However the filter control contains months that are not part of the table-filter (months that only contain classes that are not in the table filter).

How can i filter the filter-control to only contain the months i need/want?


Dear @Martyn_Thomas,

When I get your question right, just make a new column with the formula MonthName(date) and assign your control to this column.


To example a little better

I have a table that lists students

If i filter the table by Class A - there is only data for months January and August


If i create an interactive control/filter by Month - the drop down also contains November


I want the control to only contain August and January (the months relevant to the table filter)

How can I filter/add extra controls to a filter control so it only contains the options that i want/relevant to the task

Have a play with the example here:

This is not exactly what you were looking for but if you use a second interactive filter to filter your field Class then it is possible to compare both interactive filters and get the Month for the selected Class :slight_smile:

The formula in the interactive filter for the Month is then this one :

Filter(Students,Class.Matches([Select Students Class])).Month.Unique().Sort()

There’s another option too if you don’t want to use an interactive filter for the Class field :slight_smile:

You can also create a simple multi-select on the canva which will simply pull out the selectable items from the field Class :

and then using the same principle as above, filter your Month select list by the letter selected in the selected previously created :slight_smile:

Hope this help :slight_smile:

Edit : As I made some mistakes : a corrected test doc is available below :slight_smile:

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I’m getting back here because I’ve made a mistake about this yesterday :upside_down_face: .
While creating those examples, it’s seems that I had some troubles copying/pasting things for some unknown reasons (Sorry @Martyn_Thomas)

Here is a corrected test doc for the possibilities in my previous post :slight_smile:

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