Filter available statuses on Kanban board

This is my challenge.

I have a 3 tables –

  1. Fund Raising Round
  2. Fund Raising Round Kanban Status
  3. Investor Prospects.

I have multiple rounds. Each round can have different statuses as it depends on the nature of the round. The available statuses are defined in the second table and have a lookup to Round. An investor prospect has a lookup to the round and to the status.

I am trying to create a page that has the Kanban Board with investor prospects in it. The user selects the round at the top of the page. This filters the prospects perfectly. Also, if I select a status with a dropdown this is filtered so I can only choose a status associated with the round in question. (This is done in lookup options in the investor prospect table)

The Problem The Kanban columns (grouping) on status show all rows of the status table those that are assocaited with the round and those that are not. Is there any way to have the tha kanban columns update when the round is selected to show only the rounds that are associated with the selected round.

Hi @Monte_Davis and Welcome to the Community :partying_face: !

Would you mind sharing a sample doc of your problem so we might be able to take a look ? :innocent:
(or even screenshots potentially :blush: )

This might help us to guide you here :blush:

Note that, I still tried to reproduce what I think could be your actual setup, partially at least…
I ended up creating a Board view (Kanban view) of the “Round” table and also got all the statuses showing up …
But in my case, they were actually empty groups so I could get rid of them by disabling the option Show empty groups in the Group setting of the Kanban view… But I don’t know if this might be applied to your doc or not (hence the question above :blush: )…

Hi. Thanks for the response. I prepared the following video that shows the entire dynamic. If this isn’t a great way for you to review, please let me know. (It felt faster and more complete than just putting the screenshots)

Hello. Have you been able to review the video? Is the issue clear? Any ideas as how to solve?

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