Filtered Groups for Lookup columns

Hi all,

we have a lot of tables where we use the groups feature of tables for Kanban boards or Maps.

However, the grouping options don’t fit our use cases:

  • We need a sub set of the groups. Hence, we can not use the option “show all groups”
  • Empty groups should be visible. Hence, we can not use the option “show only groups with values”

What we are missing is an option between both group options “show all groups” and “show only groups with values” – maybe

  1. “show filtered groups” with the capability to define a filter for a lookup table
  2. and a check box “show groups with values”

Is there something planned to enhance the grouping feature for lookups?
If not, does anyone know a workaround?

Please see the following example, I hope it is visible to the public:

Thanks in advance!

Dear @Marco_Klemm,

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Dear @Jean_Pierre_Traets,

Thanks a lot! I’ve just tried, but my domain has a restriction that I cannot share a link outside the domain :frowning:

Here is a screenshot:

I hope that helps for understanding the problem.


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I think I’m grasping the question here. My suggestion is to use a View of this table that only shows the groups you want to display in your card view. Then you can Show All Groups for that view where the ones you don’t want are already filtered out.

Thanks, @BenLee! Unfortunately, it is not possible to select a view as a lookup column.