Board view grouping for schedule maker - card in multiple columns?

I’ve previously used Notion to build a class schedule database. I’m able to view it on a board/card view and have it grouped by days and times. For classes that meet multiple days a week, the cards show in the appropriate day columns.

I imported the spreadsheet into Coda, but the board view is grouping individual values, so classes that meet M/W are in a different column than Monday only classes, etc.

Is there a better way to do this?

Hi @Alan_Patrick_Kenny

Can you share a screenshot of your main database ?

Maybe in this case displaying card is not the best way, but you should maybe create a “DayOfWeek” database, and getting summarize information from your main database ? The display wont be a card but it will give you more flexibility showing the same information several times, and you’ll be able to click on it anyway.

Thanks. Here is what it looks like in Table view. There’s a lot of different attributes, each connected to different tables via lookup.

In Board View in Coda is where things get not usable:

Here’s what it looks like on Notion. I guess their board view allows both horizontal and vertical grouping and Coda’s doesn’t. Maybe I can figure out a way of making a new table view rather than a new table?

Hi @Alan_Patrick_Kenny

Here is what I suggest, I’ve worked for you to best fit your needs ! And I think this is a good way to proceed, to reach this result

  • Rather than just having Days, define a database with Days & Time. So When you will choose a schedule for a course, you directly select the day AND the time. You will have to create this Day&Time database just once with 5 days, and the different possible schedule for courses. In this example I have taken 5 different time : 9 AM 10:30 AM 1 PM 3:30 PM and 5 PM. Then I Concatenate Date & Time to display it within lookups later.

In your Courses database, then you select with lookup from Day&Time the schedule you want for each course. Obviously you can select multiple date and time

Then I have created a Course Board, that will be automatically filled with a button. Then for each course I will be able to extract the several days applicable. This Course Board is the one you will use to display your courses. It is mandatory, you cannot do like Notion in Coda.

Once you’ve created your schedule in Course database, you just need to click the button. It will use a ForEach function that will push an inline button in Course Table to autopopulate the Course Board with each of your course, the good day, and the time


Please have a play on the embed (open it a new page please), check my buttons and formula, and let me know what you think

Edit : lots of customization / improvement possible :

  • Adding additional informations
  • prevent to have 2 Courses in the same date and time (using lookups custom filter)
  • However, cannot use “card” view, cause double groupby top/left are available just for table display
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Just wanted to give you a shout-out, @Quentin_Morel:
I think it’s wonderfully amazing to how much length you go to answer questions on the community. Your detailed step-by-step instructions not only serves as a valuable guidance to the original poster (I assume), but also for everyone who will stumble over this post going forward. Thanks for adding such value to the community!


Thanks so much, @Quentin_Morel , this is so helpful!

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Hi @Alan_Patrick_Kenny ! Very happy that helped. I think you are now very close to your notion’s display. And you’ll see all the added value of coda :slight_smile: And thanks @Nina_Ledid for this touching thought, I’m trying to participate, at my own level, to show how great coda is :smiley: But you do know that better than I do :wink:

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