Best template for Task management

Hey - wondering what the best template for a startup to manage tasks is? I see many options but unsure which would work best for logging tasks, push email reminders to those that the task applies to and maybe a calendar view of all tasks :sweat_smile: any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

There are all kinds of templates you can use and workflows you can create with Coda. It’s nice because you can customize it to your particular workflow. Here’s where you’ll find all sorts of Project Management Templates that may spark some ideas:

Also, here are two Templates I’ve been working that you’re welcome to check out and use if you like:

Project Management - This includes a few more features like tracking resources, links, and docs.

Basic Project Management - This is a great started template to build on.

Click around and try out different ones. You can always add the features you want and mix-and-match features as well.

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