Launched: In-Doc Templates

Hey all!

Some of you may have noticed an exciting new feature this week:

We’ve brought templates in your doc. These smaller templates are meant to get work done faster. Instead of always having to visit the template gallery or starting from scratch every time you create a new doc, these in-doc templates let you mix-and-match, and drag-and-drop directly in your doc. They’re customizable and get you going with one click.

This week, we featured in-doc templates that help you run meetings more effectively, right from your doc:

  • Topic voting - to upvote ideas during meetings
  • Team Sentiment Tracker - to track how we were feeling about our progress
  • In-doc timer - to keep meetings from running over
  • Email a Section - to share team notes with the rest of the company

Follow along on Twitter as we showcase more new templates in the coming weeks, or learn more about the new feature on our blog.

What do you use all the time in your docs? Let us know! Maybe you’ll see an in-doc template for it soon :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

This week we featured some templates for product development in our blog and on Twitter.

Many of the templates in our gallery capture processes and patterns that Coda uses internally, including:

  • Team Goals - The OKR structure helps frame thinking into the long-term goals as well as the tangible deliverable
  • Team Projects and Tasks - Being able to slice team tasks by both project and person is really helpful
  • To-Do List with Progress Bar - A simple way to visualize momentum throughout your project timeline
  • Red, Green, Yellow Risk Map - Helpful way to analyze risks associated with each feature you’re considering

We’re also planning to roll out a few more templates, including a project brief spec inspired by one we use regularly at Coda. Stay tuned!



This week’s theme: “Keeping Track of Business” is inspired by the 70s song “Taking care of business” by Bachman Turner Overdrive. Here are some of our favorite templates designed to make running a business a little easier. My colleague Benjamin Davis wrote a quick blog post on best practices as well.

  • CRM - Track customers, contacts and interactions right inside your doc. Great when you need something lightweight.

  • Check Out System - This one is inspired by our now-coworker Ben Lee. It’s great when you need to track inventory as it’s checked out and back in. The buttons turn into swipe actions on mobile.

  • Gantt Chart - Visualize project schedules and make sure things stay on track.

  • Photos Table - This is a really versatile template that makes it easy to embed visual assets inside a doc. I use this to capture whiteboard notes inside team docs.


This week’s featured templates were all about your personal life. The same methods that keep us sane and organized at work can be used in other areas of our lives.

So today, we’re showcasing templates to help you organize your off-hours. Instead of long messy email chains and massive group texts, you’ll be able to impress your friends with a custom doc instead.

Some of our favorites:

  • Personal to-do list: To-do lists are the first lesson in Productivity 101.
  • Exercise tracker: Great for tracking progress before that 5k or triathalon you’ve been training for.
  • Daily journal: Keeping a journal is a proven practice for mindfulness and general wellbeing. I write in mine for 5 minutes every day.
  • Ratings log: I use this template with my friends to track restaurants we visit.

Hey folks :wave:,

This week, we showcased in-doc templates for marketing and sales. We knew in building these that there are myriad speciality tools and apps for every use case – but sometimes you just need a lightweight starting point that you can grow as fast as your business. Here are some of the most popular templates to maximize your team’s growth and bring it up and to the right:

  1. :ledger:Contact List : This is the most simple way to begin logging contactsーworks well on mobile when you’re on the go at an industry event
  2. :card_index:CRM : If you want to level up your contact list, this template has more logging features and views to track business contacts and interactions
  3. :bar_chart:Inventory Tracker : Our check-out system lets you manage a fleet of inventory and is especially fun to use on mobile
  4. :dollar:Budget Tracker: Of course, no marketing plan can work without the resources to make it happen

As a heads up, this is our last week of featuring in-doc templates :sob:, but if you like these drag-and-drop entry points as much as we do, you’re in good company. Check the panel frequently since we add new templates regularly. And if you have a suggestion for what we should add next, let us know! What templates do you want to see inside of your doc?