Request - Prof. Serv. Firm needing Docs and Templates

Hi Everyone,

I’m one of the owners and COO of a small (10 of us) professional services firm near Toronto, Canada. We’re in growth mode and I’m loving Coda so far - but I know that I don’t have as much time as I would like to play with the app and set all of our documents up and then get our team up and running.

I’ve migrated everything over from Clickup, Harvest, Quickbooks and Google, and I am focused on bringing it all together into a main base file.

Our immediate need is optimizing the tracking of our projects and tasks (we’re currently using a Coda template but it needs to be customized). From there, we need CRM, general HR docs, team wiki, general admin and reference info (all with views and apps integrated and set up for the team).

Time and expenses tracking would be ideal once the other items are created (I want to phase out our existing time and expense app), and help with setting up the Quickbooks pack to push data and facilitate monthly invoicing. Reporting and other dashboards would also be great.

I don’t think we need anything too much more complicated than a lot of the existing templates out there - but I know that they all take time to make them really successful and I’m not quite confident enough in my skills (yet) to be able to get them done efficiently or quickly enough. Plus - the list of potential docs and templates is just overwhelmingly distracting in terms of focusing on only a few specific ones (in a good way!).

I am hoping to find someone who can either sell me their customized templates or work with me to put new ones together. From there - it would be helpful for me to have an ongoing retainer with them so that we can connect virtually (weekly? monthly? email as needed?) for a few minutes to check and make sure things are running smoothly.

I am flexible in terms of payment - hourly, lump-sum, etc. I would appreciate seeing some examples of your work and would be happy to answer any questions to assist with scoping this for budget and scheduling purposes. I can be reached at


Hey there! Just reached out to you via email.

I own Simpladocs and we’ve helped over 100 clients develop solutions just like this and most-often engage in retainers to ensure long term success and adoption.

Looking forward to chatting!

Hey Kerigan! Courtney from Little Robot No-code Solutions here :wave: Just sent you an email as well!