Auto-Complete a project when all tasks are completed

I am trying to create a formula that moves a Project from In-Progress to Completed once all of the associated tasks are completed.

For instance if all of the tasks in the task log associated the project called “A Different Project” were completed (when pressing the complete button a Completion Date is Assigned to the Task) then the entire Project in the Project log would be switched from In-Progress to Completed. Wondering if a Switch If formula would be helpful here but not able to figure this one out.

:wave: Hey there!

Happy to help - Would you mind sharing the doc link? Makes it much easier to help when the community can quickly work on an example doc to demonstrate.


Sure, sorry about that!

here is the link but looks like I might have to add each individual person to the list of invited users as well? (Sorry, brand new to Coda).

Update I added a Total Tasks and % Completed Tasks Column so that I can Filter the table and send 100% completed projects to my Completed Projects Table on a different page. Might not be the best way of doing this.

All good!

Coda has a couple different ways you can share docs:

  • Invite each individual person so they have access
  • Set the settings so that anyone with the link has access
  • You also don’t have to share the actual doc, but can embed a playable version (embed it right here in the community!)
  • You can publish a document as well and then only share the publishable link

Let me know if you need help with any of those methods!

You can also share the actual doc when someone requests access (which I saw you just did)

Your doc looks great by the way! How you structured it is just fine - There are so many different ways you can accomplish what you are looking for, but the way you solved it works great

I would only seek a different method if you notice other features/functionality you want that your current filter for 100% complete method doesnt provide

Thanks for your help Scott! I have one more quick question if you have a second. I’m trying to adjust the button options on the “Carry Forward to Next Block Button” so that it not only adds +1 to the work block for the Task but also +1 for the work block of the Project in the Project Log table. I’m sure I’m missing something but haven’t been able to make this work.

For sure! I explained some more on the doc itself, but essentially what I did was:

  • Modify your “Work Block” column on the tasks table to be a formula referencing the project itself
  • Modified your “Carry Forward” button to modify the projects work block number

You will just have to think about what to do with that button when the WorkBlock number is already a 4 (which is the last workblock number in your lookup table) - Write some conditional if logic to change the action of the button in that case would be my guess. But I’d have to have more context on your specific workflow

Hopefully that gives you enough direction to keep moving forward!

This is awesome, thank you so so much Scott. You just saved me hours!

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