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I’ve shamelessly stolen the “Life Hub” todo doc for my own system and am having a small issue with auto-populating a field when submitting a form. The doc can be found here: Test Docs

A little setup - I have 3x tables: a quick “submit form” (view of “Tasks” table), a “Tasks” table, and a “Projects” table. The tasks and project tables reference each other. For my workflow, I want to be able to quickly add a task and not worry about categorizing each task, so I want the “Project” to be auto-populated to “Inbox”.

The problem is that on the “Project” column in Tasks, I’ve set “Value for New Rows” as “Inbox”. However, for some reason it doesn’t connect to the existing project called [Inbox] but instead produces a new field with the same name of “Inbox”.

Can anyone with a better knowledge of coda syntax tell me what I’m doing wrong?

All fixed for you @Benn_Bennett.

The default value needed to be a formula as you are referencing something rather than just using plain text.

I used an @ reference to point specifically to your Inbox row in Projects.

Just type @Inbox and choose from the pop up.

You can find out more about referencing here:

All the best.



Thank you! It was the “@” that I wasn’t aware of. I tried all sorts of things but didn’t even know that was a thing!

You’re welcome. I didn’t myself until someone else pointed it out. I’d been using Table.Filter() and other workarounds which is much more inefficient. Direct references are a game changer.

Good luck with your life hub and have a great day :smiley:

P.s. Don’t forget to revoke access to your doc for security.

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Edit: nevermind, I figured it out! I filtered out the tasks in that row to say “Done? is equal to false”.

Quick follow up to this doc if anyone can help w/ one more formula. In a card view, how can I filter out the tasks that are shown?

In the doc, there’s a (new) table view at the bottom where the projects are viewed as cards under their associated category. On each card, both “done” and “undone” tasks are being shown. I want to only see the “undone” tasks. The example task (that is being shown but should be hidden) is “Connect Online Folder” under the “Eval” category (in the “Evaluations” Project).


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