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I’m new to Coda but it’s already helping me a lot. I’ve created documents to help me plan my shopping visits by aggregating recipes ingredients by supermarket aisles, I’m also tracking my freelancer hours and generating invoices! It’s an amazing new world.

I always struggled with Excel, formulas and lookups. Since I’m a visual guy (UI/UX Designer) I think visually and sometimes I struggle even with basic things. That’s why I’m asking for help.

I’ve created a document where I input my Meetings Notes on a table. It has Date, Client and Notes and other not so relevant fields.

Then, I created another table which is a To Do list with my tasks organized by clients, priorities, due date, etc.

I want to be able to create tasks right inside meeting notes so they will go the the To Do list table. Ideally, the task Client field would be automatically filled based on the Client I selected for that Meeting Note table entry.
How can I connect both?

I want the selected cell to retrieve the value from Client field on Meeting Notes table so I don’t have to fill it manually.


Here’s a basic reliable structure you can use as a starting point. Study the formulas and how it’s put together, and then you can customize it in many different directions.

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Awesome! I took a look at it and I’m starting to understand what I need to do. I guess I’ll understand formulas the more I use them but sometimes it’s really frustrating when I’m trying to do something and I just can’t.

Thanks a lot, Ander!

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