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Hi there! New to Coda, love the functionalities. Just one thing I haven’t been able to figure out yet is how to track tasks!

In OneNote or Confluence you can tag a piece of text as a ‘task’ and then anywhere in your Doc / Notebook, you can create a table that lists all those tagged pieces of text / tasks you created.

What I eventually want to be able to do is create a meeting note template with a ‘tasks agreed’ section at the bottom with an empty task list. Once I put the items in, they will automatically be pulled through to my master task list. Any pointers?

Hi @lhgeee and welcome to this faboulous community.
Here is a very quick way to perform what you want, please customize it to fit your needs.

Start by creating your MasterTask Table and also a meeting Table


In your mastertask table, create a lookup column that will refer to your meeting table, and do the reverse “referenceby” in your meeting list


Then you can open your meeting list canvas, and edit the layout. Display your lookup column (column 3 that I renamed MasterTask). You’ll see that now you have inside your canvas, a view of your master task list.

With this quick example, you will be able to create task within meeting canvas, that will automatically be updated in your master task list.

Find a little live preview here, and this very quick example embed

Have a nice day



Thank you, @Quentin_Morel - what a lightning fast reply even with a Loom! :slight_smile: faboulous community indeed!

That’s a great idea. Can I have more than one MeetingList, though? Say, if I regularly have meetings on three projects, each project page has a MeetingList where I take notes and create the tasks, could I view them all from one central MasterTask table?

Hey Hey, Nope :wink: Rather than creating multiple meeting list, just add a “project” in your meeting list and also and use Lookup and Autoreferences to see all you need

The power of coda is to avoid creating multiple unnecessary table ! Just have a look in the embed doc that I modified !

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Awesome, thank you!

I’ll have a play around with this, have a great evening!

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Hi L H G,

You can also have a look at the attached doc for further ideas.

It has the meetings and the related tasks.

But it also allows you to create a project with tasks and meetings, all linked together. The project has a template that can be re-used from project to project. It is also possible to create different project templates.

For the meeting it is also possible to have different templates for different projects.

It’s just a ramble…
Rambling Pete

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