Advice on Projects , Task Lists, Pages and Sub Pages

Hello all,

Thank you for being such a helpful community, I have learnt a lot by reading through questions and answers.

I want to ask a question, and also check that it is not based on a false assumption:
My preferred way of working is to have one place to see all my tasks.
If I understand correctly the best way to do this is to implement a master task list, then create a field for project to tie the project together.
I know Coda has the Cross-Doc function which I have already used to replicate my contact list in each doc, but as far as I know, it is only one way and wouldn’t work to centralsie all tasks.

My thought is to then create a page in the doc for each project with sub pages for each part of that project: wikis, charts etc.
Am I right in assuming this is the best way of obtaining a centralised master task list?

Second part of the question, if the first part is correct:
I understand filters, but is there any way to automatically (preferably) or manually associate a page and its sub-pages with an entry in the project database? So every row has a page?
It was a nuisance in Notion that each time you created a project you had to re-do filters on all your tables to tie them to the new project field.

I trust that I am clear and thank you for your assistance.

Hi @Chris_H,
and welcome to Coda Community! :handshake:


I tried to set up a very-basic example based on what is my usual approach.
Instead of creating static pages, the project selection is defined by the user.
All the tasks are then accordingly filtered. This allows you top concentrate on building up a single page (with optional sub-pages) explicitly filtered by project.

At the same time, you do have a master task table; it’s then easy to add a specific analytics pages for your overview purposes.

Please, have a look and play around:

For some reason, the doc is not showing the proper page.
Please, select “Dynamic Filtered Projects” page for this example.

I don’t know if this helps and it actually addresses your needs.
Do let me know if it raises some ideas or I just mixed up your mind :slight_smile:

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