Next Steps with Setting up Project Management Doc

Hi everyone, I’ve been exploring Coda for use as a project management software. My husband and I are serial entrepreneurs and have several irons in the fire at all times, on top of managing our personal life! So far I have I created a main table with ALL of our tasks - including all of our businesses and personal projects.

My two top questions are…

  1. Is there a better way to structure this data and/or this document so that if/when we hire an assistant they will be able to manage only certain projects.
  2. Can you add rows in a view of a table, and make sure they are added to the main table? This is so I can work within a specific project and not have to navigate over to the all tasks table, just to add a task.

I’ve attached a screenshot of my column headers for my all tasks table to give a bit of reference. Thanks for the help!

Hi Nadine,

welcome to Coda! Hope that you find it beneficial.

Second question first: yes, rides can be added from any view. General practice is to put the tables in a separate page and work using views. Part of the reason is that settings from the table will feed through to all views, but settings made in a view only applies to that view. For example, filter the table, and all views only get the filtered rows.

For the first question there are two aspects, the structure of the table, and access to the table.
Table structure - I prefer to have larger tables, rather than splitting to easily. My project type table also has the projects and the task columns in the same table, with different filtered views for different purposes.

As far as access goes, at the free and pro levels access is basically given at the doc level. So if you want to allow a person access to only a subset of records, you would need to look at using a cross doc to get the data into a document of their own. (If the person should not have access at all to the rest of the data.)

If it is simply a question of making it easy for the person, you can simply build special views for that person’s needs.

Just one recommendation that I would like to make, be prepared to revise your doc a few times if you’re new to Coda. And especially if you’re new to no code tools. While it has many spreadsheet, database and word processor features, it works in subtly different ways. Bulls some priorities before you commit everything.

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Thank you @Piet_Strydom! This helps me keep the ball rolling in the right direction! Also, good to know that I’ll probably have to revise this a few times since yes I am fairly new to Coda and don’t have experience with the no code tools!

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