Allow a user to see ONLY specific projet/tasks?

Hi Everyone,

I’m in the process of establishing Project Management Doc and am curious if there’s a method to grant users access to view only specific projects and their associated tasks/subtasks that I assign to them. Essentially, I want to streamline task and project management within a single document, ensuring that e-commerce projects and their related tasks are visible to specific individuals, while social media projects are accessible to others, and so on.


Hi Vitaliy,

There are two aspects to your question: Making the information available to people, and preventing them from seeing other people’s information.

It is not possible, currently, in Coda to prevent people from seeing certain pieces of information. If a person has access to a doc, that person has access to ALL of the doc.

But making the information available to certain people, is as simple as setting up a view in a separate page where they can go to. You can filter the view either for a specific team, using a characteristic in a table column, or you could use User() to filter a table to the current user.


So, for now, I believe it’s best to maintain separate documents for SMM and Ecommerce projects. Perhaps, when Coda introduces the ability to share individual pages, that could be a helpful solution. Thank you very much.

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