Is it possible to limit who can view a page within a document?

Here is an example of the space I’m trying to create.

Ideally I would be able to have a “doc” for Marketing Collaboration which is viewable to everyone, and a “Workspace” doc which is viewable by only the people on the marketing team. Additionally, if possible, I would like to have project pages able to be restricted further within those.

I spent a little bit of time looking for how to set up view permissions and only really found edit permission stuff.

Thank you for your help.

Edit: To be clear – the folder I have created is currently set to private but will be set so that everyone within the company can view it. Ideally I would then be able to restrict specific docs to only the marketing team and specific pages to only specific people within that marketing team.

Hi @Ava_Hernandez,

If you are looking to limit who each doc is available to, I’d keep this as a Private folder and set the permissions for each doc in the doc itself. A share folder will share any docs in it with the people in the shared folder, overriding the doc permissions.

For sharing a part of a doc, just one page with someone or a group, we don’t have that functionality yet but have been exploring options a good bit. For now, the best solution is to use Cross-doc and sync the table views over to other docs and share those with the specific groups.

I’m happy to dig in deeper if you still have questions.


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Thank you for the information! Really looking forward to more robust viewing privilege control. For now I think we can make due with what we have.

Have a wonderful week!

Warm Wishes,