Publishing the doc to my company or Workspace only

Hi, I want to publish my coda doc, but do not want this to open or accessible by people outside my org or team. can I restrict published doc (not shared one) to just my org?

I can share the doc, but i liked the top navigation with publish, and want to use it.

Hey there!

While you cannot restrict access to the document itself (if someone has the link) - you can set it so your published document is not discoverable by everyone but that only those who have the link can view.

That will functionally restrict the document to only those who share the link with - unless those people share the link with others

Another way (and this is prioritizing security over user experience) is to embed your document into a Google Site if your organization runs on google workspace.

Google sites can restrict access to only users in your domain

Hello @Manoj_Gupta_Engrg-SW_IN !

While you could do what @Scott_Collier-Weir suggested, Coda has a way to not give access to anyone outside your workspace even if they have the link to your doc.
Inside your Share sheet in the Get Link section there is the “Anyone with the link” setting that you could change to “No access”.

When people without access try to open the published doc, they are greeted by the Sign in Screen


I hope this helps!

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