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I know that I can set up sharing rules at the folder level, so that I can restrict access to specific folders. And I know that I can adjust edit permissions at the page/subpage level. But I’m having a devil of a time figuring out if/how I can restrict viewing access to individual pages/subpages.

Please tell me this is possible…?


Hey @Matthew_Shane , it sounds like you might be looking for this feature!: Can I hide pages in my doc? | Coda Help Center

Thanks Shaina,

This is sort of what I’m looking for. But my understanding is that ‘hiding’ a doc and ‘restricting viewing’ of the doc are not the same thing. Rather, access to the doc remains the same, and if a user with viewing access (which would be everyone) wanted to unhide the document, they would be able to. If that’s the case, then this wouldn’t be a very good security solution.

Really hoping there’s an actual way to restrict access permissions at a granular level.


Hi Matt, unfortunately not. It is a long awaited enhancement.

Rambling Pete

Wowsers. Okay…

This seems unbelievable to me, but okay…

Just to follow up, to double-check: If I were to have a Table called Meeting Notes, and I wanted to organize my table something like:

Date | Meeting Type | Attendees | Agenda | Minutes | Action Items |

Oct 5 | Executive Meeting | Bobby, Matt | | | |

Oct 7 | Council Meeting | Sherry, Joe | | | |

Oct 9 | Weekly with Bill | Bill, Matt | | | |

That everyone – Bobby, Matt, Sherry, Joe and Bill – would all be able to see all of the agendas and minutes associated with all of the meetings?


Hey Matthew, welcome to the Community.

Yes, there’s no page-level sharing — only a doc-level sharing.

This is counter-intuitive if you’re coming from Notion. This is intuitive if you’re coming from docs — e.g. Sheets. You also can’t share just a page from a Google Sheet or a page from a Microsoft Word doc. Coda is a doc, quite literally. When you load a doc, think of it as loading the whole file. Parts of it are hidden but you’re loading the whole file every time.

To share portions of data, you can use Cross-doc or my custom Cross-doc pack. The former is included within Coda at no extra cost but is somewhat clunky to setup, especially if you want to have e.g. a central doc for all meetings but then export each meeting into a separate doc that you separately share with the attendees. My pack costs a little extra but it solves this problem with row-level access rules.

Can I block just my school which seems to have access by default?
I can set “Anyone with the link” to “No Access” but I need the reverse to be true: I would like to distribute the link to “Anyone” but restrict “Anyone with a” email address" from being able to see it by default simply because they go to the same school as me (or work for the same company).

“Anyone with the link” should be able to open my shared docs/folders but I do not want anyone at my school to get it automatically just because they have an email account in the same domain. I looked at the members of the workspace and I’m the only one. Will all users with the same email domain see my shared materials whether or not I have explicitly shared with them?

I also don’t think it would be right for me to be able to see materials in the [] workspace simply because I go to the same school. “No access by default” should be separate for cases like this while still granting “Anyone with the link” access. Not sure which permission wins though. If I use “No access” for “Anyone with a [] email address” would that override the “Anyone with the link” setting?

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