Restrict view of my document from users outside of my company

Hello. So Me and my coworkers within my company are using Coda to store information and references in it. How to protect those documents from outsiders viewing it? I understand that Coda Documents have three permissions:

  • Can view allows others to only view the contents of your doc; they cannot make any edits, including interacting with buttons or controls
  • Can comment allows others to view and leave comments on your doc; they cannot make any other edits
  • Can edit allows others to edit your doc, delete content, create pages, push buttons, leave comments, etc.; you can use locking to scale down editing abilities

Now I want to restrict outsiders to even viewing it. Because when I try to view the documents without logging in, I can still view the documents’ contents.

Thank you for the response.

Hello @Bernardus_Bambang_Herjuno

Yes, you can hide the pages that should not be seen by everyone. But if you have the Team plan, you can go even further in the permissions management. Otherwise, you can also separate the parts that can be seen by other people from your team’s part. By using, the Cross-Doc if I’m not mistaken, because I’m not a regular of this method. :frowning:




Hi Bernardus,

The three settings that you are referring to applies when somebody has the URL link for the doc.

Once somebody has access to a doc, whether it is to view or to edit, they basically have access to everything in the doc. The cross-doc functionality that Thierry refers to addresses this situation. It allows portions of the doc to be made available for more general access in a cross-doc, while confidential information remains in the basic doc.

There is another level to consider - only if somebody has access to the URL of your doc, can they view/ comment or edit.

But even if somebody has access to the URL, you can also block them from access to the doc by making use of the setting as shown below:

Rambling Pete

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Hello @Piet_Strydom

Thank you for your additional information :slight_smile:

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