Some advice on structure for handling project and personal todos


Trying to get my head around Coda and move away from Trello/OneNote/Bear.

I am trying to create a structure for my work projects like so;

Dashboard (where I would like open tasks shown)

  • Customer 1

– Notes (multiple pages)

– Todo’s

  • Customer 2

– Notes (multiple pages)

– Todo’s
etc etc

I would like to have an overview at the Dashboard document level that shows all the ToDo/In Progress tasks from each of the customers below it (i.e. from customer 1 AND customer 2).

Is there a way to do this? Do I need to change the structure or use different functionality? How does Coda know it is a Todo to filter etc?

Apologies if this is basic stuff etc

Hey @Phil_White1 welcome! I think you might have some success in the template gallery to find some templates that work and then pick them apart and put them back together.

The way I would approach your concept is to create a database table called ‘_tasks’ that holds all of the tasks, and it might have columns [task], [due date], and [customer].

Then in each customer page, create a view of _tasks filtered to show [customer]=customername. Its best practice to have one master table with all your data and then serve it up in your doc with views.

Hope this makes sense. The videos @maria makes also goes through the schema basiscs very comprehensively. If you want more help here, I would recommend creating a doc and then posting an embed so the community can see where you are stuck.

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