How to find Table inside notes?

Hi everyone! Just got a quick question that’s been causing me some issues!
I’ve recreated an example to get down to the basics ! I have two tables, and I want one to reference the other tables top notes, and inside those notes is another table, and thats the table i want to pull data from. A little convoluted I’ll admit!
I’m able to easily reference the top row’s notes via this small formula

However no matter what i’ve tried accessing that table has proven to be a challenge! If you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them!


HI Jeff,

Welcome to Coda!

Could you share a document with where you get stuck, ot provide more details?

Because what I understand you are trying to do, should be very simple, simply reference the table. It does not matter that the table is embedded in (I assume) a canvas column)

For example, in the document link at the bottom, I have a list of meetings. Inside each meeting I have a canvas column, recording among others the attendees of the meeting.

I then refer to that list in the parent row, to be able to send a set of minutes of that meeting to all attendees.

In the formula, “Attendees and CC” is a view of a table that records the attendees. As you can see, it works just like any other table.

Let the community know if you have any further questions.

Rambling Pete

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