Formula to reference table named in another row

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I’m trying to create a table that tells me the number of rows in other tables in the same document. I can use the count() function to count rows, but the problem I’m having is how to reference the tables. Is there a formula I can use where I can write the name of a table in one row and then reference that table in another row? Also open to doing the same thing via another means if anyone has any suggestions

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Theres a TON of brilliant people on here ready and willing to provide assistance but we all are much quicker and more able to help when you can share:

  • A link to your document
  • Embed or share the link here within the community itself

Coda is such a flexible platform that depending on your exact use case and how you’ve set your doc up there are usually multiple ways in which you can accomplish your goal - therefore its super helpful when you can share your doc.


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