Is it possible to reference the count from one table to another?

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I’m new to Coda, and I started exploring, and could use some help. I host a pub quiz and I’m looking forward to use it for better tracking. I have two tables, one is supposed to be the list of all the quizzes I’ll host and one is a table for a particular quiz. I have list of teams in that second table. Is it possible that number of those teams is counted and then show in as a column in the first table? Please take a look at the screenshot below, thank you!

There is no built-in column type for table references which makes it hard to get any information from them through the columns.

I came up with another solution where you input all tables inside the formula of the Table column and then just add new blank rows which will populate automagically (love that word).

You can just hide the two helper columns Row Order and RowID.

That said, there is definitely a better way to structure your quiz.

Consider putting all quiz question in the same table with an additional Quiz Select List column, then create a new view of the same table and filter out to only get questions tagged with the correct quiz. This way you can even re-use the same questions for multiple Quizes if you allow multiple selection in the Quiz column!

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