Display Column in a different table

I’m assuming I’m missing something obvious here but:

– 2 API pulls data into google sheets, some bonus stuff get’s done
– 1 script pushes that data into coda table
0. I now have a master table that will get rebuild every day so I can’t put anything in it

  1. I need to be pull that data to actual work table in some way but everything seems to require already having some kinda of “hook” in a target table.
    In sheets I use it constantly as:
    a) =QUERY(IMPORTRANGE("<link to source>","target sheet"), "select * where Col8 = False")
    b) reference via =source_sheet!range

When I try I usually get whole table in one cell in coda :frowning:
EDIT Google sheet with example

For smaller/less automated sheet I would just use lookup to “link” those two columns and list all the entries. In this case this 300 emails so can’t really do that.

I’m working to make a table that will contain everyone in the company + manager and anniversary and will allow sending anniversary notification to said manager.
Later on I also have to figure out how to pre-fill page per row so I can make it look nice (like a page) but contain custom content (like a table). But that’s for later.