Match columns from a table with rows from a different table

I’m trying to build a custom form, for which every question has different “skill” assigned to it. For this, I started creating the table below, which contains the question, the form type and the skills involved.

However, when creating a form in Coda, the questions must be the columns of the table.

Is there any way I can match the rows of the first table with the columns of the second table (the form), so I can build some statistics based on the averages scored for each skill?
They have the exact same name, but I didn’t manage to find a way to match them in a third table.

Hey @Raluca_Schera,

Are you using the relation column type to pull in the data you are looking for? If it’s pulling from the form submissions you can make the third table a relation column to link the data. Here is a great article on that two way relation.

Hope that helps!

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