Sync Data between Two Tables in Same Doc

Hi all,

I’m sure this is very easy, but I’m struggling to figure this out.

Table A and Table B both have the same exact “full name” (i.e. first and last name) listed for contacts. Each table, however, features different information for the respective contacts. The outside database from which I’m manually importing this data via CSV doesn’t combine all of this information into a single table; hence, what I’m endeavoring to accomplish inside of Coda!

If I create a relation field between the two tables using the “full name” columns from each, then how can I tell the two tables via a formula to automatically line up the data using the identical “full name” relation columns from each table?

Thank you for the help, and take care.

Finally figured it out.

After creating a relation column inside of Table B, I then filtered that relation column by table A, and related the identical full name fields inside of the filter. The irritating thing is that Coda will not let you use “thisrow” to fill in the relation column. You have to filter the results from Table A; rather confusing, but it works.

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