Cross-doc syncing and relation issue

Hi all, I am trying to set up a relation for a cross-doc sync

  1. Doc 1 has a master table
  2. Doc 2 syncs that master table from Doc 1
  3. Doc 1 has a table (table 2) that has data using that master table as a relation column
  4. Doc 2 syncs table 2 back to Doc 1

When I try to make the relation column in table 2 in doc 1 connect to the original master table, it doesn’t seem to recognize it and believes the table to be in the source doc. When I hover over a value in the relation field it says “To see more information, sync in the relation table from the source doc.”, however the relation table is already in Doc 1.

Is this back-and-forth too complicated for Coda? I have a feeling I was previously able to set up relationships this way, did something in Coda change?

Hi there, I played around with your docs a bit and was able to get the error to go away, but it synced the master table to doc 1 again as a cross-doc which doesn’t really make sense. I recommend filling a bug report with support so we can take a closer look. Thanks!


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