Adding Relations Across Docs?

Hello all!

New Coda user here. I’m trying to add a Projects relation column from my Projects database to my Tasks database, but the relations column only seems to provide options from other tables on that doc. Does that mean I would need to have ALL my master databases in one doc in order to link them together via relations?

I appreciate your help!

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Hey Garrett and welcome!
This is an annoying limitation by Coda, you can do a one way sync with the cross-doc pack but it kinda blows tbh.
You can set-up a two way sync with webhooks but it’ll be a coupled mess, meaning that you have to hardcode a bunch of things so it’s not very scalable, probably prone for de-sync issues too.

So yeah, you said it, try to keep it in one doc :+1:

Hey Garrett,

Welcome to the Coda community!

My rules of thumb are,

  • keep everything in one doc, only break of you really have to.
  • keep everything in one table, unless you really have to.

The major reason to create a separate doc is to keep confidential information confidential.
Further, Coda is the evolution of the doc, and part of the evolution is that a doc covers much, much more than what a traditional Word doc or a spreadsheet does.
My main doc at my 9-5 is probably approaching 100 original documents. AND I CAN SEARCH ALL OF IT IN ONE PLACE!!

And really efficiently at that.

And in fewer tables: in the traditional SAP ERP system, financial information was stored in around 10 tables. In their latest in memory database called HANA, all of those have been replaced by a single table.

But it’s just a ramble…
Rambling Pete

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Haha this is super helpful, @Piet_Strydom! Sounds like I just need to change my frame of mind a bit to better align with Coda’s possibilities. :slight_smile:

Do you have any advice on setting up my larger organizational workspace (e.g., the schema)? I am a nonprofit consultant and want to help orgs set up spaces that are both intuitive and easy to navigate.

I appreciate your input!

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