Reference a doc

I’m testing out Coda to structure my freelance activity.

I have one doc where I keep track of contacts, deals, clients, and an overview of the projects.
Each project then has its own doc. I would like an easy way to connect each row of the “Projects” table in the main doc to its corresponding project doc.

I’m also open to suggestions if things could be organized differently. The only thing I know is that I can’t have the whole thing in one single doc because the specifics of each projects are often too complex and need nesting (folders).

Perhaps you could do this as one document, with one main Overview section and then with a different Section for each Project?

As for the need to manage the specifics of each project with nested folders, could this be handled through lookup tables using the database capabilities of Coda? Or even more simply, put a hyperlink to a detail table as an entry in a cell of the parent table.

Thank you Richard, that would certainly work.

(It’s still me, just from my work account)

I think it’s too much of a tradeoff though in my case, I prefer to have full functionality over the single project’s docs and not lose one level of structure.

Even better would be the possibility of generating a link to a doc. Each project has a code, which is also the title of it’s corresponding doc. Then it would be trivial to auto-fill a cell with something like “[project_code]” - but maybe I’m asking too much :slight_smile:

I agree that would be helpful

A variant on that which has been previously discussed and suggested would be the ability to have the equipement of an “Include” Library so that you can choose to incorporate various subdocuments into a bigger master document at willl - much as is often done wth coding libraries.