Sync columns between two tables


I’ve synced two different google sheets to coda and now i’d like to sync one column from a table to the other table. As coda does not allow to create charts using values from different tables this is the only work around i found.

But i’ve tried relation columns, lookups … but i cant make it work.

Please let know how this can be done.

I’ve attached a sample doc with two tables “Parent” and “Kids”. All i want is to get the datas filled in the second table - Parent names corresponding to Kids names.

Hi there, your Relation columns look set up correctly. If you’d like this data brought in automatically, you can do this via formula. I added in a column in your Parents table called Coda Support Test with a formula that will do this for you. Take a look and let us know if that’s more what you were hoping for :+1:

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