How do you import a column from one table to another table?

I can’t seem to be able to copy them, if I have a table in one doc that I want to transfer only its first column to another table I need to build the entire column again?


You’ll need to manually recreate it. But do you mind sharing more about your use case?

I Can smell a mis-organization or mis-use of Coda tables where the solution.m to your problem lies actually in different doc/table architecture.

yes, of course.

I am a day trader and there is this EA that I’m trying to figure out if profitable, there is a process you could test different settings on different time frames, like what setting produced the best results in May for instance, this is called optimization, so basically I document each test in coda in tables, and when I want to run a new optimization I need to import one column’s values to another table.

update- I tried creating a relations column but when I input a number in one row instead of inputting it in the corresponding row it is creating a new row in the column’s bottom. (that happens solely with numbers).

I’m not sure I understand you? Can you provide screenshots or an example doc?

Yes of course,-

I’ve made a relation between the Value column and the best result’s value column (because I want every input I insert in the optimization sheet table appear on the optimization report table) , however if you try to input a number in one of the relations’ column, it is creating a new row altogether instead.

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