Scraping data from the another table's row


Coda noob here, trying to wrap my brain around this particular problem. I am either missing something extremely simple or it requires some out of the box thinking.

Lets say I have two tables: All products and Set 1. Both have same Columns and their names: Article Number and Price.


Now, I need to come up with some way to tell Coda to put this magic in table Set 1 column Price:

  • Check whether the Article number indicated in the Set 1 table`s column Article Number matches any Article number from the table All products;

  • If it does, retrieving the data from table All products column Price, and putting it to the table Set 1 column Price.

Any hints or help would be so so appreciated!

Like this?


Exactly, yes! Thank you so much!

You’re welcome. Glad it helps :slight_smile: