Get information for a row from another table

Hi Coda community,

I have this doc where I’ve created two tables.

In table Author, for every Name, I want to get the Article from table Articles. That’s it! The problem is that I have spent a few hours on it and couldn’t make it work.

I have researched extensively online, e.g. here at 1:40 is exactly what I need to happen, but the formula does not work for some reason. Neither do thisRow() and others I’ve seen online.

I would very much appreciate some help wit the formulas that might achieve what I need and, if possible, an explanation as to why in other examples the formula works but in my case it does not?

Thank you,

Hi @Mihai_sosa

Just use lookup function !

In your article database, create a row as lookup to author, and choose an anthour name

In Author database, use referenced by function to list all article linked to that authour !

And that’s it !


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Hi Quentin,

That seems to work. From what I researched the lookup function creates a list to choose from? If that is so I would want to avoid that; I would need the specific information for my row.

I will study the setup you used in the doc, it seems to do exactly what I need. Thank you for your help!

No, I think you are talking about a “Select List” and then selecting a table as the options to chose from. A normal lookup does not give a choice to the user. It will just show all rows from the selected table with an optional filter

Got it, thanks! I will try it in the doc.

Sorry I did not answer quickly, but yes it should be alright to fit your needs !

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