Formula to read a row from another table

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I’m just trying to read in data from a different table. I have a list of countries and product versions available in that country. Each new customer is listed with a country. I then want to know which versions are available for that customer. Ultimately I want to use this to power validation on a form: eg New Customer in Canada wants v2, I want my form to automatically say “v2 not available in that country”. But the first step of this isn’t working! Dummy doc below:

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I believe this is your solution Jennifer:

We need to tell Coda to look at this row’s country, then look at the reference (other) table’s selected version to display. Below is the working table in action:

!!! That’s done it, thanks very much!
My understanding is that because the Country selector is actually pointing to a row, I can refer directly to Country.version instead of doing a load of Country.filter(country = thisrow…) stuff

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Many thanks for this! I have another question but I can’t seem to find the post new topic page (???) so I’ll post as a reply for now:

I’m trying to make a table view of Metrics for specific Use Cases (Cat / Dog) and show only the PDF Sections relevant to that use case. Using the same method as above, I thought I could do this by filtering where Metric.UseCase = Cat but this doesn’t seem to be working. Any tips? Example doc here:

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