Fuzzy Match Cell to Lookup

We’re gathering item requests via a JotForm. I’m sending the submissions into a Coda table via Zapier. The issue is that the user group submitted via the form may not 100% match what’s in our master table. For example, the official name of a group is ABC Street, but the user may just write in ABC (or ABC St or ABC St.).

Is there a way to do this? I used the information here to test pulling in column info from one table to another based upon a common column (i.e. user name). However, it doesn’t work if the full name of the group isn’t matched.

This is a tough one and I haven’t seen a great solution popup yet. There is a post with some examples of search using RegEx that have worked really well. These will deal with changing everything to lowercase for example, different characters is still an issue…

Thanks! I’m beating around the bush with trying to get this basic formula to work:

Lower(Fname).contains(" "),Lookup(Table1,Lower(Fname)).thisRow.Fname

What I got here is a table called Table 1 with column Fname. The second table has two columns: Fname and grab_Fname. My thought process is that the user will enter text into the second table’s Fname. Then the second column in that table will be the one to do the work of comparing the user input text to Table 1’s Fname column. If they contain part of the same name, grab the text from Table 1’s Fname and input it into the second table’s grab_Fname column.