Retrieve all subpages in a cell using formulas

Hi there!

I have a table where all my projects are catalogued. The first column of the table is a link to the page of the project. In that table there is also a column called meeting notes. The meeting notes are subpages within the given project’s page.

Is there a way I can populate the meeting notes column automatically, based on the linked project in the first column?

Hey there! It’s very possible you could do this with the Doc Explorer pack which pulls every page from your doc into a table and shows parent pages

But - before that. What hold meeting notes in their own dedicated pages? It might be better for you to hold them in a canvas column of a table. They would be way more structured that way and you wouldn’t clutter your doc with new pages all the time.

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If I understand you correctly, storing them inside a canvas column sounds like a really good idea! I’d still need to populate that somehow though, using a pack or a formula.

How would something like that look? I’ve tried a few approaches, but I haven’t had much luck.

HI Stian,

I used the approach that @Scott_Collier-Weir mentioned in this demo doc I did for the Coda To do list evolution challenge a few months back.

In the meetings area I use a canvas column to store a meetings template. That cell is automatically populated with a meeting template when a new row is created. It has room to capture an agenda and notes, and two tables: one to store the attendees, with a button to send the minutes of the meeting to them, and another to store all the action items arising from the minutes. Elsewhere there is a view of action items that pulls together all action items from all meetings, as well as action items/ todo’s captured for any other purpose in the doc.

And here are the winning docs in the challenge:

Rambling Pete

That’s a very interesting approach.

I am not 100% sure it will fit our use-case, but I’ll play around with it some more. One thing that is very valuable for us is to be able to link to other meeting notes in regular text(not in tables). Is this possible with this canvas approach?

Hi Stian

I have seen what you are looking for during the last Coda meeting when Coda 3.0 was launched.


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