Best way to keep a list of all meetings with different templates?

I want one central table that lists all my meeting notes. For the most part I basically want to have one-off meetings and recurring meetings. I would like to have a template for each kind of meeting. For the recurring meetings I only want one entry in the meetings table and all subsequent meeting notes of a recurring meeting should be saved within that one row.
Any ideas how to best document meeting notes for a recurring meeting within one row?
I was thinking about using a table in the canvas column which would then be used in the Detail view. That way it would be easy to add new instances of that recurring meeting and have everything in one place.
I hope my explanation makes sense and I would appreciate any and all suggestions, as I am a bit uninspired on what could be the best solution here.

Hey Gunther! This example here could be a good place to start:

Hope that helps inspire your doc building! Happy making! :smiley: